Day with Mumsy & Coconut Butter

Me and Mum, Santo Spirito, Vanuatu, 2009

Yesterday Mum and I took a little girls trip for some shopping and coffee. Mum’s always a busy bee, as ladys captain at her golf club as well as an employee there, it’s hard to catch her when she’s not out of the house or taking a nap after a long day (and she still manages to cook us yummy and nutritious dinners every night πŸ™‚ ). So when she told me she had the day off on Wednesday I locked her in for a girls day. We headed down to Zara for some retail therapy. I bought some basic long sleeved tops for layering, and mum bought me a beautiful printed shirt as an end of semester gift. She still didn’t find anything for herself, but I swear the next time we go shopping I’m going to force her to by a nice dress for herself!

We then headed over to Queen Street at West Croydon (If any Adelaidians haven’t been there yet I urge you to!) and got a bite to eat at Let Them Eat Cake, which is a lovely little cafe with an assortment of Gluten-Free & Vegan nibbles and cakes. I ordered the Sweet Potato & Ricotta Pie and a Chamomille Tea and mum ordered the Soup of the Day, which was an Asian Pumpkin Soup.

After a good feed we popped next door to the Queen Street Grocer. I had always wanted to go here but every time I would go it would be closed, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was open this time! Queen Street Grocer is a charming little spot tucked amongst the cafes of Queen Street, and is reminiscent of the times when small corner stores were a frequent occurrence and people were friends with their local butcher or baker. Its walls are lined with an assortment of herbs & spices, tasteful teas, coconut products (my love!), nuts, flours, superfoods (think chia seeds and cacao nibs) and whole lot more, which are all neatly organized in either beautiful glass jars or rustic brown paper bags with Queen Street Grocer printed on the front. How could we not buy something?! They also had fresh oranges and coconut chips available for sampling! Free food – just when I thought it wasn’t possible I think I just fell in love with this place a little more!

Mum and I walked away with a bag of Desiccated Coconut (the cheapest price that I’ve come across – $4.95 for 400g), some coconut chips, and some fresh licorice (gotta treat ourselves somehow!)

However, the desicatted coconut did not last long, as today I decided to transform it into something so much more than shredded coconut. I reunited with my good old friend, coconut butter.

Oh coconut butter how I missed you so.

Why must our time together come just as quickly as it ends?

Because you taste so darn good that’s why! (and are hugely addictive πŸ™‚ )

Yes, if you have never made coconut butter before, my oh my you are missing out.

All you need is unsweetened shredded/desicatted coconut (I try to steer away from some of the regular homebrand stuff because it has preservatives in it, and I have found that I always get a sore stomach or (sorry TMI) reallllly bad gas after I eat any). So yeah, try to stick to organic, unsweetened stuff where the only ingredient is coconut!


1. Pour coconut into a food processor so that it is full (about 2-3 cups depending on size of food processer) and blend for about 5-10 minutes or until the mixture is creamy!

That is all! *

Note: You may need to scrape the coconut from the sides a few times.

And you are left with a beautiful, creamy coconut butter. Mmmmmmm coconut butter…*drools*

Have it with anything! Or by itself! It is mighty tasty just outta the jar mmmmmmmmm

Personally I love to spread some on a sheet of nori and roll it up into a delicious coconutty seaweed wrap. Nutritious and delicious! Or for dessert I will mix mushed avocado, raw cacao powder, tumeric, cinammon, chia seeds, a few coconut flakes, and then drizzle some coconut butter ontop. Deliciousa!

What is your favourite way to eat coconut butter? Please do tell πŸ™‚ I love hearing new ideas!

*Scraping the leftover remnants of the food processor into mouth is not frowned up, if anything it is encouraged.


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