Good or Bad?

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When we try to discern what’s good and bad for us, sometimes the decision is not always that easy. We think, for example, that coffee is bad. It’s addictive, stains our teeth, increases the release of our stress hormones, causes heartburn… I am sure you have read other reasons why coffee is bad. On the other hand, there are research news stating that coffee actually might not be that bad. Some scientists say that coffee can help with prevention of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and it may also help with lowering depression. It is great to have a lot of information available to us, but when we come across contradicting opinions, how do we decide which side to choose?

Most foods and drinks, I would think, have some good and bad aspects. That also includes kale, which we tend to consider as superfood. The benefits of kale do make up for the bad aspects, although those with kidney or gall stones may want to be careful with their kale consumption. Apparently the oxalates contained in kale have been linked to these health issues.

We can research endlessly about the pros and cons of our food, but at some point, we may want to step back and listen to what our body really needs. It all goes back to tuning into ourselves and feeling how our body really feels. We can gain as much nutritional information as we want, but it may be of little relevance if we are disconnected from our body.

When we are in sync with our body, deciding what is good and bad for us can be a lot easier. It does not always have to be about weighing nutritional pros and cons. Some days we may feel like drinking coffee, and some days when we may feel like staying away from it. While we love our superfood kale, there may be times when our body needs something easier to digest, so we may opt for steamed or cooked vegetables instead.

Therefore, the next question is: how do we get in tune with our body? You probably already guessed the answer. Take time to yoga, meditate, or engage in any other activities that help you to achieve a better mind-body connection. Yoga does not have to be on your mat, and meditating does not mean you have to sit still in your living room. Some days tuning in may mean taking a walk, going to the beach, or going for a nice long drive.

So keep up with the health and nutrition news, but don’t forget to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your healthy life begins with you :)


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