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Not feeling guilty while watching The Real Housewives of NYC

That is the feeling I love. I am currently sitting at home watching MTV movie awards (following episodes of Sex & the City, Modern Family, and the Real Housewives of NYC) after handing up my 50% Design Studio Assignment this morning! Yes, granted I still have a 50% Design Drawing Assignment due in 3 days, and a 50% History Essay due in a week which I haven’t started, BUT, that is not the point. The point is that a massive load has been lifted off my shoulders, and that I am so close to finishing semester 1 (yes it’s only first year, but still, it’s a lot harder/stressful than it seems!), and that long awaited 6 week holiday is so close I can taste the sweet, sugar-free, organic cocoa balls that I will constantly be whipping up.

Along with baking bundles of scrumptious paleo goodies, there are SO many other things I want to do in the holidays, which I feel are slowly being pushed out of my life as I struggle to find a balance between uni, work, friends, family, and my boyfriend. Finding new music is definitely one of them. I used to get the biggest thrill out of discovering new artists, and would fall asleep with my ipod buds in my ears listening to their tracks. I also want to play The Sims for a week. Yes it will probably destroy my brain cells and result in me having no physical contact with any living thing but my cat for more than 72 hours, but really, who doesn’t enjoy controlling and creating their own little cities?

Another thing that I am dying to address is my mums knowledge of nutrition. My mum is one of those lucky ladies who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight – growing up she would make us lots of pastas, lasagnas, pizza, potatoes – basically anything that was easy and quick to make – and consequently most of these foods were full of starch, carbs, and sugars. So my goal is to convert her!!

Anyway, I’m finally on holidays now, which means hopefully I will be able to develop this blog into something super interesting and cool n shiz.

Stay tuned for some delicious and hopefully inspiring posts 🙂